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Amazing Villas in Crete
Rethymno, Crete

Welcome to Amazing Villas. A collection of sophisticated and traditional accommodation units, that truly represent and respect the essence of Cretan natural beauty and the local way of life and riveting history. Placed amidst Crete’s most authentic areas, these private Villas allow guests to find their ultimate peace & quiet in a landscape of sheer rural beauty.

Located just on the outskirts of Rethymno, in the picturesque villages of Asteri and the seaside settlement of Stavromenos, the sublime panoramic views are more than generous from our exteriors; the evergreen slopes of ancient olive groves meet the purest blue sky to form your daily horizon, creating magnificent visuals to accompany your moments, day and night.

Subtle sunrises and silky sunsets are the highlights of dawn and dusk while in between the Greek sun dominates the cyan sky, enhancing all the vibrant colours of the Cretan landscape around you until the bright stars and spectacular moon grace your evenings and nights.

Our four uniquely designed Villas are the ideal setting for experiencing quality time in a sensational, modern meets traditional environment that will allow you and yours to completely unwind in privacy and absolute comfort, while also providing numerous exploration paths and activities to discover, all within your reach.

If you are looking for amazing holiday experiences in Crete, then browse through our… Amazing Villas and choose the one that suits you most!

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Villa Asteri - Traditional Elegant Villa

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Asteri Villa - 4 BD - 4 Bathrooms - Private Pool - 180 sq.m. Asteri villa - amazingly alluring, this original stone-built, stately and luxuriously traditional villa combines all the elements for a truly authentic Cretan getaway, where your most amazing holiday experience is key. At Asteri Villa you will be able to live your Cretan… myth, surrounded by all the mysteries of the villa’s old-meets-new character, with modern aesthetics all around. Dare to relax beyond anticipation amidst the most intriguing of surroundings. Located at the entrance of the village of Asteri (meaning ‘star’ in Greek), 3 km from the nearest beach of Stavromenos village and 14 km east of Rethymno, lies our homonymous and heavenly, Asteri Villa. Originally built in 1955, this two-level villa offers an amazing accommodation experience, with interiors of traditional elegance paired up with modern day functionality while the exteriors promise leisure and relaxation without restrictions. The initial stone build was used as a family manor dwelling and carpentry workshop until the beginning of the 1980’s. Maintaining its traditional character, the villa boasts original stone walls throughout and some unique pieces of decor that reveal it’s authentic past. The cozy corner fireplace, one-of-a-kind furniture such as hand-crafted wooden sofas, authentic carpenter tools and other tricks of the trade are proudly displayed around the villa, highlighting its intriguing history. Fitted out with all the modern day comforts and ample recreational space outdoors, including a large swimming pool and shaded pergola, Asteri Villa truly personifies the riveting sense of old-meets-new. Simply intriguing... Situated in close proximity to Citrus Villa, combined, these villas can accommodate up to 14 people, making them an ideal choice for family holidays.
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Villa Argiris - Rustic Design With Captivating Sea Views

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Villa Argiris - 4BD - 4 Bathrooms - 150 Sq.m. - Prvate Pool Villa Argiris is built for absolute privacy with a relaxing atmosphere, amidst all the calming colours of the Cretan landscape. At the edge of a 4 acre olive grove and overlooking the sea, you simply won’t get enough of the majestic vistas that pour through the windows, each morning you awake. Irresistibly spacious and enchantingly rustic in design, the Argiris Villa is ideal for holidaying privately, in a exclusive, elevated location at the foot of a hill. With captivating sea views from almost every vantage point, here you can completely let go of all your worries. Located in the seaside village of Stavromenos, about 13 km east of Rethymno, is our Argiris Villa, our second largest and perhaps most exclusive. The premium location guarantees full privacy while it also allows for exceptional scenics even from the living room windows, making this Villa the ultimate holiday safe haven. Watch incredible sunrises and sunsets from the comfort of the open plan living room, while you can completely unwind around the pool, taking in the sea horizon before you. Rose bushes complete the picture of perfection surrounding Argiris Villa, with a fantastic outdoor area split across two levels, one of which boasts a sunlit swimming pool, and the other a shaded, pergola that houses a grill BBQ and wood-fired oven where guests can enjoy leisurely moments around a large dining table. Indoors, the Villa is partly designed in stone and is lavished with some interesting pieces of decor that are nicely blended into the walls. All four bedrooms have their own distinct character, and each has a private WC with shower. Suitable for families or groups of friends, this Villa promises a kind of harmonious autonomy that may be extra thing you have been looking for. Simply calming...
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Villa Citrus - Modern And Cozy Villa

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Villa Citrus - 3 BD - 3 Bathrooms - 120 sq.m. - Private Pool This charming and modern style villa is built for wonderful carefree moments in fully verdant surroundings that will instil an instant sense of wellbeing. The Citrus Villa awaits to host your next Cretan escape, in its stylish environment. The modernity of the villa’s interiors is teamed up with the sophisticated, spacious outdoors that will allow you to find yourselves, while you indulge in superior, modern level comforts, and top notch scenics from its sizeable 32 sqm sun terrace featuring a dining table, sofas, a couch-length chair and... astonishing views to the nearby village and the sea. Situated in close proximity to Asteri Villa, in the village of Asteri, 14 km east of Rethymno and 3 km from the beach, is our newest, two-level, Citrus Villa. Set in a beautifully lush garden with tall cypress and orange trees as well as a sensational, hydro-massage swimming pool, the Citrus Villa promises to be your dream setting for a blissful Cretan vacation. Privacy and charming luxury are the highlights of the ambience here. The contemporary, modern decor creates a sense of calm that prevails throughout the property. Suitable for families or groups of friends up to 6 persons, the villa allows for quality moments spent indoors and out! Comfort is above all here, with interiors that are primarily oriented to providing guests’ maximum repose. The high grade materials used convey a certain level of elegance that is apparent everywhere you turn. Simply graceful... Located near Asteri Villa, combined, these villas can accommodate up to 14 people, making them an ideal choice for family holidays.
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Villa Myrrini - Classy Villa With Panoramic Views

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Villa Myrrini - 3 BD - 2 Bathrooms - 110 sq.m. - Private Pool Myrrini Villa basks in endless sunshine while it offers wonderful views of the village countryside, the colourful ploys of the Greek sky and the rich garden that is populated with a mixture of local flora, ready to provide you with astonishing visuals in a lavish environment. Combining traditional elements such as stone and wood, with the modern touches of design, this villa will enthuse you with its clever, sunlit interiors, and its superb, outdoor functional deck that surrounds an azure 35m2 swimming pool. At the entrance of the Asteri village, 14 km east of Rethymno and 3 km from the beach, you’ll discover our sensational, Myrrini Villa. The split-level exterior centres around the gorgeous swimming pool with its children’s section, fitted with a wooden deck and surrounded by evergreen cypress and olive trees as well as fragrant orange trees. Myrrini Villa’s interiors are characterised by finesse; boasting impressive wooden ceilings with exposed beams, and wooden french doors leading to the outdoors, Myrrini Villa exudes a tantalising sense of traveling through time. Elements of old craftsmanship combined with luxe details make Myrrini Villa the ideal choice for an unforgettable Cretan holiday! Adults and children alike will love this drenched-in-sun villa that will provide hours of fun by the pool and beyond. Sun bathe, swim or arrange a BBQ and lose track of how the days go by. Top this with the astonishing panoramic views enjoyed from the sun terrace, and there you have it. Simply exquisite...
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